Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final Indy Update

Best quote from the convention: "We've been called to be salt and light, but instead we're being salted and lit." (Richard Land)

Sadly, while the convention heartily agreed with Dr. Land's statement, they refused yet again to call parents to wake up about the public school system. Again, the primary argument for not calling parents to consider other educational options is that our children can be a "witness" in the public school systems. While this may be true for high-school age children (i.e., young adults), it seems very dangerous to me for our younger children - and I think we are reaping the consequences of this today.

Dr. Danny Akin did a great job calling us to a "Great Commission Resurgence". He encouraged us to join together in the substantials that we agree on without dividing over the secondary doctrines we disagree about. He had 12 points, 11 of which were solid and needed to be heard.

In the end, the most important moment of this convention was the adoption of the regenerate church membership resolution. May God use it to make our local churches more healthy, and therefore our denomination more healthy, and then, ultimately, the kingdom of God on earth more healthy.

P.S. I also enjoyed being part of the live audience for Dr. Mohler's radio show. You know, that man is quite smart.


  1. And the one weak point that didn't necessarily need to be heard?

  2. And for the record, I like "Thoughts of an NC Baptist" better :)

  3. Son,

    I'm hesitant to bring it up. The one point that I wrestle with was one that encouraged us to be more concerned with pursuing biblical theology rather than systematic theology. His comments seemed to imply that biblical theology isn't systematic, and (perhaps unintentionally) seemed to contribute to the idea that biblical theology and systematic theology are at odds with one another.

    Oh, and I liked the old title better too. Unfortunately, some continued to see the old GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT TITLE as a stumbling block. Defending the use of the word "an" was getting old, so it was easier to just change it.

  4. Justin,

    I just read Graeme Goldsworthy's "Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture" for one of my SEBTS seminars. This is a great resource to consider from a reformed perspective on the preference of biblical theology over systematic theology.

    If you haven't already read it, I would recommend this book to you. Part One addresses where biblical theology differs from systematic theology. I think it would clarify Dr. Akin's point.