Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Avoid Repetition in Preaching

“As you start preparing your sermon, you must begin with the exposition of your passage or single verse.  This is essential, this is vital; as I have said, all preaching must be expository.  You do not start with a thought, even though it be a right thought, a good thought; you do not start with that, then work out an address on that.  You must not do that, because, if your do, you will find that you will be tending to say the same thing each time; you will be repeating yourself endlessly.  If there were no other argument for expository preaching, this, to me, would be sufficient in and of itself; it will preserve and guarantee variety and variation in your preaching.  It will save you from repetition; and that will be a good thing for your people as well as for yourself!”  Preachers and Preaching, p. 75

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